The perfect system for creating individual portfolio websites for clients


  • CMS for photographers and artists
  • flexible and easily extensible template system
  • elegant backend interface (crafted for needs of photographers and artists)
  • mobile ready and SEO optimized themes and templates
  • SEO friendly urls

Customizing Themes

  • Change the overall look of a theme using CSS.
  • Customize themes by configurating theme settings
  • Adapt the HTML structure in header/footer and template files as you like.
  • Alter the language using the provided language file

Customizing Templates

  • Create reusable templates for displaying content like photos, galleries, albums, collections or articles. HTML and basic PHP knowledge is sufficient. New templates can be created from scratch or by adapting existing templates.
  • Twelve different templates are already available for each theme (e.g. album, set, photo, article, blog, photo timeline stream, photo search, tags, and contact template)
  • Relevant functions for querying data (photos, articles, etc.) are provided through an intern API. No SQL queries needed.
  • Integrate templates with other services.

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